The JLeRN Experiment

JISC's Learning Registry Node Experiment at Mimas

About the JLeRN Project

Welcome to the JLeRN blog!

We’re a small team at Mimas in the UK, working on a JISC-funded experiment, setting up and testing a node as part of the U.S.-based Learning Registry project:

“JISC will be participating in the Learning Registry project by setting up an experimental node in the UK with a focus on content from the higher education and cultural sectors. Utilising the expertise and content available to JISC, the project will explore contributing data and analysing it. JISC hopes to collaborate with the Learning Registry in exploring the infrastructure considerations and to help specify and support useful applications.”

The team consists of me, Sarah Currier, leading the effort, and two awesome developers, Nick Syrotiuk and Bharti Gupta.

We’re also staying in close communication with JISC CETIS, who have a separate watching brief and advisory role on behalf of the UK with the US Learning Registry project. See the linked blog posts from John Robertson and Lorna Campbell for information about the Learning Registry project and the JLeRN Experiment.

You might also want to check out the presentations and guidance documents here, follow the project on Twitter at @learningreg and #learningreg, and read Learning Registry maven Dan Rehak‘s guest blog post for CETIS here.

And we’ll be working, of course, with the Jorum team, also based here at Mimas, as one source of learning resource data.

We’d like to work with any technical teams who would like to experiment with the node we are setting up. If you have data and/or you are setting up your own node, and wish to collaborate with us, please get in touch: sarah [dot] currier [at]

If you’re already working with our node or other nodes, and would like to talk directly with our developers, please email them at: syrotiuk [at] and Bharti [dot] Gupta [at]

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