The JLeRN Experiment

JISC's Learning Registry Node Experiment at Mimas

Jorum OAI-PMH data published

The starting point for this experiment was a document written by the LR developers in the U.S., the OAI-PMH to Learning Registry Publish Utility.  I installed the Python OAI-PMH third-party module and started working with the Python script provided by the LR developers,  The script needed some code to handle basic authentication with our JLeRN alpha node.  Then I successfully published some sample Jorum data but the JSON documents weren’t quite right.  The resource_locators (URIs) were incorrect and the keys (subject terms) were missing altogether.  In the case of Jorum, the keys correspond with Dublin Core subject terms in the OAI-PMH data.  I installed the Python ElementTree third-party module in order to parse the OAI-PMH data.  Then I located the subject terms and inserted them into the JSON document before publishing; that is, the LR application indexes the keys when the JSON document is published.  Then I managed to harvest all the Jorum OAI-PMH data and published it on our node.  (We have put our code in a repository on Github in case others can benefit from anything we happen to write.)

Example queries:

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