The JLeRN Experiment

JISC's Learning Registry Node Experiment at Mimas

Some more exploring…

Hi this is Bharti and am one of the developers here at Mimas and working with Sarah and Nick on the JLeRN project. I got lucky enough to get chance to work on this exciting experimental work on establishing a UK node. and I had a good one day of self learning about the Learning Registry (LR) and then got chance to speak with Dan Rahek from the LR team. Quite a reminder of what he presented on LR project in the Repository Fringe event last year in Edinburgh.

Well, there are definitely many challenges to face, but am sure we can crack the puzzle. Worked to establish a node on the Windows Server 2008 machine and after some tweaking and self learning got through quite far installing the node.There are some issues on getting Nginx setup right though.

We have the hackday coming up on 23rd January and hope to get some nice JORUM data to play with. There are different mechanisms to let the data talk to the node, and I am keen to explore the Java library that may be used to publish data to, and harvest from a LR node..

Keep watching this space for more developments in this R&D project!


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11 thoughts on “Some more exploring…

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  2. Ok Nginx goes smoothly on the Windows 2008 server after restarting the machine, but not sure why the step to push the couchapps not working. I was trying to navigate to the config folder of the LR repository
    cd C:\Python27\LearningRegRepository\config
    and ran the command


    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 12, in
    import couchdb
    ImportError: No module named couchdb

    Checked the python code, and couchdb folder is very much existing.. well now is the time to “DEBUG” which I guess I love the most 😀

  3. Damon Regan on said:

    Good to know you’re working with Windows. Lou on the LR team has worked with getting the LR running on Windows. There is an active pickling error we’re working to resolve. Here is the discussion thread on that:

    I hope to discuss the Windows mods this week during the dev calls. Hope to see you running soon.

  4. Loju Wolford on said:


    What version of CouchDB are you running? What I found to work was downloading version 1.1.1 for my machine. Here is the link where I found the correct executable:

    Please let me know how you’re progressing!

    • Hello Loju, thanks for looking into this little trouble in got in, but I managed to resolve as per Jim’s suggestion for Ubuntu on!msg/learningreg-dev/0sKsLb15fi8/hFFhObPk69IJ

      cd ~/gitrepos/LearningRegistry/LR
      pip install -e ./

      That should install ALL LR dependencies outside of wsgi, then:

      cd ~/gitrepos/config
      python -d

      I used the same version of couchDB as you mentioned.

      Now this pickling error is kind of a pain and I was actually going through the discussion thread Damon mentioned in his comment. Looks like there is a Queue.queue file which needs to be edited a bit to skip the logging?

      Would welcome any comments on this.

      • Lou Wolford on said:

        We are looking into a solution that looks for what OS is running and switches between threads/processes to keep everything stable no matter what OS is being used. I will keep you updated and let you know ASAP when it is released.

  5. Oh that is a good way to go for it, guess platform dependency can be overridden in near future. Thanks for keeping me in loop! That definitely helps.

    Damon’s message on Windows mods points further in same direction.

    “@jpoyau is working on a new factory model to allow windows platforms to use threads and linux and mac platforms to use process.”

  6. Finally John (@jpoyau) fixed the issue by switching to use Thread instead of Process in change_monitor to fix the pickling_error in Windows. Also tweaked the way test files are declared to be Windows-friendly. Now I can go back to try and complete the node installation once the fix is merged and released!

  7. Hi Bharti,

    Apologies on the delay in responding with a solution, but we’ve now tested the windows pickling error fix on windows, mac, and linux. The fix is not yet formally released, but is in our stable master. I recommend you update your node from the stable master to obtain the fix on your experimental windows node.

    It’s a two step process to upgrade your node to master:

    1. Pull the most recent tag from git

    cd /LearningRegistry
    git checkout master
    git pull

    2. Run the setup node python script

    python -d

    It is important to re-run the setup node python script as configuration changes take place during updates. We hope to have an update script soon that will preserve your node settings on update.

  8. Many thanks Damon for sharing the steps to get the fix. I shall be following them and hope to get a node up and running!

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