The JLeRN Experiment

JISC's Learning Registry Node Experiment at Mimas

Node of Mimas

Nick here.  I work at Mimas with Sarah and Bharti.  I installed a node in mid-December on a spare machine I had lying around.  As it was nothing “official” I called it Node of Mimas.  One simple way of looking at the node’s status is to execute a command like this:

$ curl http://<…>/status

{ “node_name”: “Node of Mimas”, “node_id”: “7ee34ddd8e4f4ea4aafd59c3c7619a16”, “active”: true, “timestamp”: “2012-01-11T20:32:01.097068Z”, “start_time”: “2011-12-31T10:01:07.698981Z”, “install_time”: “2011-12-14T14:44:24.206372Z”, “earliestDatestamp”: “2011-12-14T15:34:23”, “doc_count”: 1 }

You might notice the output from this command is a pretty JSON document.  This node was installed on December 14th and last restarted on New Year’s Eve.  It contains one document.  I wonder what it is?  Execute the following command to find out:

$curl http://<…>/obtain

{“documents”:[{“document”: [{“doc_type”: “resource_data”, “resource_locator”: “URI_of_resource”, “resource_data”: “Put_anything_like_metadata, xml_or_whatever_here”, “update_timestamp”: “2011-12-14T15:34:23.219869Z”, “keys”: [“science”, “what_ever_you_want”], “TOS”: {“submission_TOS”: “;}, “_rev”: “1-f81b1258b28092a314661527ad7dcbf0”, “resource_data_type”: “metadata”, “payload_placement”: “inline”, “payload_schema”: [“hashtags”, “describing”, “resource”, “format”], “node_timestamp”: “2011-12-14T15:34:23.219869Z”, “doc_version”: “0.23.0”, “create_timestamp”: “2011-12-14T15:34:23.219869Z”, “active”: true, “publishing_node”: “7ee34ddd8e4f4ea4aafd59c3c7619a16”, “_id”: “551592f1743d46a7b4f4d6c7484e356a”, “doc_ID”: “551592f1743d46a7b4f4d6c7484e356a”, “identity”: {“owner”: “”, “submitter”: “Your name or organization here”, “submitter_type”: “agent”, “signer”: “Your name or organization if signing the document”, “curator”: “”}}], “doc_ID”: “URI_of_resource”}]}

Let’s make the output more readable for humans (and edit it slightly):

JSON document

Sample document

Well, it’s just a test document, in JSON format, but it gives you an indication of what Learning Registry data looks like.

The Hackday in Manchester is fast approaching.  We are expecting to be given a new server by the end of this week but it will take a few days to install and test a new node we are calling Alpha.  By the middle of next week we will decide which node to use for the Hackday, either Node of Mimas or Alpha.  That’s all for now.


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7 thoughts on “Node of Mimas

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  2. Damon Regan on said:

    Nice clear post, Nick. Good introduction to /status and /obtain.

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